Shipping Rates and Delivery

Delivery Complete Process 
  • When the customer placed their order, they will receive an email confirming their order(s).
  • The Seller will be in-charge of shipping the ordered item(s) to its customer. Ordered Items are expected to be delivered within two to seven working days if transactions are within the country. Note that the usual cause of delay is location. 

    Same-day delivery within the key cities for perishable goods is now available. Within two (2) days for non-perishable goods for address located in key cities and within seven (7) days for address located in remote areas. If there's a delay or undelivered package of item/s the Buyer will be notified immediately through text or email. 

    Delivery time, same day delivery, minimum of two (2) business days to thirty (30) business days depending on where the product will come from. (Local or International)

    Upon delivery of item/s the Buyer will also be notified of tracking number so that Buyer can view over internet to check the status of the package or item/s.

  • The costumer will be given up to five working days from the date of the shipment in order to report or request for a Return of Merchandize. Our return process is as follows: if customers get faulty products, they can request a return. However, such a request can be made only if certain conditions are met - the product must be returnable and its return period must not be over.

Exchange of Items

In case the item/s is available, Buyer can exchange the item/s and shall be delivered subject to shipping charges by both parties, Buyer and Seller. 

Merchandise Credit 

In case the Buyer opted to apply for merchandise credit it shall be applied as well to save shipping charges on the side of the Buyer. 

In case of non-availability of the item/s the Seller shall inform Buyer and the Seller will refund the payment or to credit the payment for the next purchase. 

The Seller shall inform the Buyer for the item/s ordered if available or not, and Seller shall inform Buyer for confirmation of orders. 

Order Cut-off
Order cut off shall be 12nn same day. If order is placed on 12:01pm, all transaction/s shall be considered on the next day and shall be treated on the next day.

Office time 
All inquiries shall be entertained through chat, text or email from 9am to 5pm Manila Time in excess to 5:01pm Buyer's inquiry shall be answered on the next business/working day.

Shipping Adjustments

In case there's an adjustment to shipping fee due to actual shipping charges by the Logistic company, the Seller will contact the Buyer through text or email to inform and advice the Buyer to pay the additional charges first, before commencement of the delivery. 

Return / Cancellation Policy
  • Items to be exchanged must be returned in their original condition. Original Receipts (if provided by the seller) and Waybill as this is considered part of the product.
  • Damaged items must be reported immediately within 12 hours upon receipt of the item/s. Customers can notify us through this e-mail:
  • *Note: Exchange of items applies only for DAMAGED items only. We do not allow return or exchange on merchandise that does not meet your expectations in fitting / liking. That's why it is very essential to check first the DESCRIPTION OF EACH PRODUCT before submitting any orders. 

***Shipping rates and delivery will be updated soon. As ECQ continues, we only accept orders for delivery within certain areas.

For more information  to get in touch with us through the following:

Sun / Viber: +639226287015

For Product Returns send your item with original packaging to this address:

P.O. Box 319 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

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