Step 3. Gather all ingredients that you need in baking ( basic ingredients )

  •     Flours: all-p-flour, cake flour and bread flour
  •     Baking powder: a raising agent use for cake
  •     Instant yeast: a raising agent use for breads and can be mix instantly to flour
  •     Butter: for a soft texture... for breads and cakes
  •     Sugar: you can increase or decrease sugar according to your taste preference
  •     Salt: to balance the taste of sweetness... use iodized salt
  •     Eggs: it gives a great softness to breads and cakes
  •     Skim milk powder: for much more good can add it to your bread recipe
  •     Cocoa: for a chocolate taste...add to your cake recipe
  •     Vegetable oil: for a much lower fat recipe you can use vegetable or corn oil
  •     Shortening: another alternative fat that can be use for bread recipe it can be also use for greasing baking pans
  •     Fresh milk: for a much tastier cake add this to your cake recipe instead of water
  •     Vanilla essence: for a flavor effect to your cake batter
  •     Creme of tartar: add to egg whites when creating a meringue for your chiffon cakes

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