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Our company

Our company was established last July 1999 and has gained several partnerships in the field of food and e-commerce business.

The name Pandeli was derived from a "pan" bread called pandesal and the original outlet located at Sta Rosa "de Li"ma street were name called "Pandeli" was started.
The initial equity came from a separation pay after the Owner worked for almost 10 years in the field of food business.

The technology came when the Owner attended the Food Festival in World Trade Center in 1999 and he discover a Belgian company who's into distribution and manufacturing of baking ingredients, offering a Baking Course for bakeries in exchange for exclusive trade partnership with the company.

From there on the business started thrive until today. Today we discovered an efficient way of doing business; not to reinvent the wheel of competing with existing competitors but to partner with them. Most of Small Enterprises lacks of marketing, distribution and payment solution for their businesses. We are here to help them succeed in the field of their businesses by providing them an e-commerce solution; that through this website we can link them to World Wide Web of customers; and to handle in behalf of them market their products and services, handle payment solution and distribution for them at affordable subscription price per year.

Not only bakeshop and bakeries but we are also inviting food manufacturers and distributors to be part of our trade business in linking suppliers to restaurants, bakeshops, bakeries and restaurants, food retailers to customers.

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