FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q. What currency are your products listed in?
A. Philippine Peso and US Dollar Currency.

Q. Is it currently possible to order from you?
A. Yes those perishable products like breads, cakes and pastries (temporarily unavailable) can only be deliver within Metro Manila only. The rest of the products can be delivered nationally.

Q. What quantities are they packaged in?
A. 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.

Q. What are your rates for shipping?
A. Shipping Rates based on weight and destination:

0.01kg to 0.99 P165.00
1.0kg to 1.99kgs P180.00
2.0kgs to 2.99kgs P295.00
3.0kgs to 3.99kgs P460.00
4.0kgs to 4.99kgs P830.00
5.0kgs to 19.99kgs P1650.00

Note: National rate only

Q. What is the procedure to procure ingredients?
A. 1. Email us the product specifications that you find in our website, or any product specifications inquiry we'll try to accommodate it.
2. We will email to you the price and other information for the product.
3. If you agree to the price and other costs or charges then we will provide information on how you settle the account as we provide payment solutions using BDO, PayMaya, GCash, Cebuana Lhullier or Paypal.

Q. Payment terms?
A. Full payment upon purchase and payment must be settled first to consider your order.

Q. Mode of Payment?
A. Full payment using BDO, PayMaya, GCash, Cebuana Lhullier or Paypal.

Q. How can get in touch with your store?
A. Our store exists virtually and our aim is to provide convenience and to deliver the products that you order right at your doorstep.

Q. Do you have other character cake designs aside from the character-curved style?
A. Yes we have made to order cakes but price varies from complexity of each designs. (temporarily unavailable)

Q. Can you send me sample pictures?
A. Yes as you request it we will provide you pictures via Viber or Facebook messenger.

Q. If I live in Europe or U.S. where can I settle my payments?
A. You can settle your payments via Paypal.

Q. How can I pay you via PayMaya, Gcash and Cebuana Lhullier without account?
A. You can pay us by dropping by to any nearest Smart wireless center, Gcash Center and Cebuana Lhullier near your area. Please text or e-mail us once payment has been made with the following information:
1. Full Name
2. Payment System Used
3. Amount
4. Payment Reference
5. Attached copy of receipt
We will inform you via text or email once payment have been accepted.

Q. How many cake design do you have?
A. As much as you want, just provide us your preference, and we will make a custom made design of cake, fit to your needs, but the price is varies, depends on the complexity of your cake design, and your requirements. (temporarily unavailable)

Q. Do you have part flavors such as hats, name tags, loot bags, etc. for children parties?
A. Yes we do have but allow us a week to process your order, since we get this from our suppliers, subject to availability of the items. (temporarily unavailable)

Q. Are the price in your website updated?
A. Yes it is updated but all prices are subject to changes without prior notice so it is safe to email us for the price and have it confirmed by us.

Q. Where can I call you?
A. You can text or email us and we will provide you information that you need.

Q. Is your company open for franchise?
A. We do not have franchise yet but maybe in the near future.

Q. Do you offer short courses on baking?
A. No. But we provide consulting services for setting up bakeshops.

Q. How do you process orders?
A. 1. We have suppliers for each products the reason we have order lead time.
2. Your orders will be processed when you pay the full amount of the product. Cut-off time by 12nn, any order beyond cut-off time will be processed on the next day.
3. Please be sure that you see first the order lead time for each product, also we will inform you as to when we can deliver your product via text or email.
4. Please provide the full details of the address and landmarks where your orders will be delivered including your contact details.

Q. Can we just pick-up our orders and pay over the counter?
A. No. For your convenience we deliver the products that you order right at your doorstep and payment via BDO, PayMaya, GCash, Cebuana Lhullier, and Paypal.

Q. How can I register to have a PayMaya, GCash or Cebuana Lhullier?
A. You can go at any Smart Wireless Center, Globe Center or Cebuana Lhullier near you and ask for PayMaya, GCash and Cebuana Lhullier application form.

This questions are generated based on the number of e-mails that we received over the number period of time. There will be more questions that will be answered thru this page as you continually e-mail us. We're glad to answer more of your questions so please don't hesitate to e-mail us.

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