Fruit Tart

Tart Crust


All-purpose-flour 500 gms
Sugar 250 gms
Eggs 100 gms
Butter 250 gms
Baking powder 10 gms
Fruit cocktail decorate
cherry 1 pc / tart

1. Mix all ingredients until well incorporated.
2. Cut into small pieces and sheet at desired thickness.
3. Spread evenly the sheeted dough in the tart pan.
4. Bake: 180°C for 15-18 minutes.
5. Allow to cool.
6. Put the custard cream filling.
7. Design with fruit cocktail top with cherry.
8. Glaze with gelatin.
9. Note: once butter is melted discontinue mixing.
10. If shortening will be added as an alternative to butter then add salt.

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