Basic Principle of Cake Making

1. Assemble ingredients and tools needed.
2. Prepare cake pans.
3. Grease pan and put baking sheet under.
4. Separate dry ingredients to liquids.
5. Use a wire whip or electric egg beater to cream butter, sugar and eggs. Note: use medium speed to gain fluffy effect on creaming
6. Cream butter, sugar and eggs until they are light colored and fluffy.
7. Sift all dry ingredients such cake flour, baking powder, salt before adding to liquid ingredients.
8. Add dry mixture to liquid mixture gradually until all are incorporated.
9. Beat at low speed to create a moist and soft effect to your cake. Do not over beat.
10. Pour batter to cake pans evenly.
11. Do not touch cake batter if its in the middle of baking.
12. Do not open oven constantly which can collapse your cake.
13. Use cake tester to see if cake is already baked.
14. Put cake on a wire rack to cool.
15. Cake can be stored to refrigerator to maximize shelf life up to a week.

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